Videos of Past Meetings

Video of Professor Hofman addressing the members of Prostate Heidelberg

To view this 45 Minute Video on the latest scanning techniques and treatment for prostate cancer click either of the links that follow –


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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence, must we put up with it? NO.
Dr Renu Eapen tells us why and how. Renu works in the field of Uro-oncology and General Urology at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, The Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre and Austin Health in Melbourne, Australia.

Aimed at men with Prostate Cancer, the talk covers the common problems and their solutions.
Audience questions help make the presentation more relevant.

Part 1 is more about the problems:   Click here to view Part 1

Part 2 is more about the solutions:  Click here to view Part 2

Erectile Disfunction

Aimed at men with Prostate Cancer, this talk  by Dr Renu Eupen addresses why you don’t have to put up with Erectile Dysfunction. Causes and treatments are presented.
Treatments include lifestyle changes, counselling, medication, pumps, injections and implants.

Click here to view.

All about PSA and Testing

This video of a talk by Assoc Prof Ken Sikiaris contains a wealth of useful information about PSA and the meaning of test results.

Click here to view.