Guide to Prostate Cancer

This is a very simple introduction, but it might be a useful resource for friends, acquaintances, and family members who really know nothing at all about prostate cancer and want a 5-minute introduction to the absolute basics.

This introduction has been written in America so there may be some references that don’t apply to Australia. For examples, references to “Afro-Americans”. The section “WHERE CAN I GO TO GET MORE INFORMATION?” links to websites run by American organisations. On the Prostate Heidelberg website on the right hand side of each page we have a list of LINKS which have more appropriate information for Australia. Try these LINKS first.

Don’t forget to look at the section of our website “Newly Diagnosed” which has advice which will help you if you have just been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“For more information click here”

This video describes why we have a prostate and what it does. It is worth a look if you want to know more about your Prostate. The Video is called The Man Junk Project – How the prostate works “Click here to see Video”