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2018 Newsletters

July 2018
July speaker Dr David Owen from Starpharma spoke about the use of its proprietary dendrimer polymer to deliver existing drugs used to treat prostate cancer, without the side-effects of the current delivery methods.  Promising results have been obtained with mice and it is hoped that present and future trials with humans will give similar results.

A book review by Tony Gorbaty of the book THRIVE, DON’T ONLY SURVIVE Dr Geo’s Guide to Living Your Best Life Before and After Prostate Cancer by Dr Geo Espinosa with Matthew Solan.

June 2018
Analysis of the DNA of over 1,000 prostate cancers has identified 70 significantly mutated genes not previously implicated in the disease.  These findings could lead to biomarkers predicting which patients with localised prostate cancer are at risk for developing metastatic cancer.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has trialled a promising  prostate cancer treatment using PSMA-167 which binds radioactive Lutetium-177 to prostate cencer cells, poisoning them from within without damaging other cells.   Barry Elderfield was one of 30 men involved.  A new 200-person national trial will test the therapy against standard treatments.

May speaker: Dr Katherine McGrath described a web site under development to give patients who think they may have prostate cancer more information about treatment options, and the likely costs if they choose the private treatment pathway.

May 2018
April speakers: Dr Jane Crow spoke about a GP’s approach to shared care (with specialists) in managing ADT therapy.  Dr Marie Pirotta spoke about a phase II randomised controlled trial comparing two models for post-prostate cancer treatments: lead role by specialists in hospitals, and lead role by the patient’s GP.

April 2018
Powers of Attorney and Advanced Care Plans
Book Review: Prostate Cancer, a New Approach to Treatment and Healing

March 2018
PSMA PET/CT Imaging and Theranostics
April meeting: A GP’s approach to Shared Care
June meeting: A scientist’s look at PC drugs

February 2018
Prostate cancer stages
Calendar of 2018 meetings