2016 Newsletters

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Putting your affairs in order
– Organising your paperwork
– Making your will
– Making Enduring Powers of Attorney

Be aware of prostate cancer in the family
A serious gap in emotional support
Do you have grapefruit juice for breakfast?
Cancer Council Pro Bono Advice Program
Men should try to maintain a healthy weight

Some Surgeons Charge Prostate Cancer Patients Exorbitant Fees
Prostate Biopsies – TRUS or transperineal

Election 2016 – Funding for Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses
First PCFA Webcast
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Costs

Active Surveillance
Lifestyle Choices – more research

Lack of awareness about brachytherapy
Miracle Cures, Breakthrough Drugs, Game Changers, Cancer Cure Diet, etc
Men’s Health @ The ‘G’ Tuesday 22 March 2016

Guest Speakers for 2016
Healthy Living with Cancer Program – free health coaching
Stress may be a Killer
Another nano-particle breakthrough
Showing cancer cells whilst operating