2015 Newsletters

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Rethinking our approach to cancer
Who’s in your Dream Team?
Activating the Mind/Body Connection
If you’re feeling anxious or stressed

10 Things I’ve learnt about Cancer
Prostate Cancer More Aggressive in Younger Men
Relaxed guidelines on PSA Testing might miss aggressive tumours
Diet – Elevated Cholesterol and Triglycerides may increase the risk for Prostate Cancer Recurrence
Enzalutamide (Xtandi) pre-chemo?

Deciding on a doctor
Get a second opinion
Keep your own personal medical record
Exercise is important
Are you OK? Talk about it -Some resources for depression
Medicare – Chronic Disease & Mental Health
Pelvic Floor Exercises

A look at the resources on our website
Book Review: An ABC of Prostate Cancer in 2015
2 patients with the same doctor, which one has the best care experience?

Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses
Prostate Cancer Experience Survey
Most men with PCa don’t get enough exercise
Dr Mark Moyad – Lose weight; Ginseng reduces cancer fatigue
Cycling and PSA levels

Public Funding of Prostate Cancer MRIs
Finding support in your relationship
Surgery may impair sex for both partners
Rekindle – Online sexuality resource

Life after prostate cancer treatment – “The New Normal”

Predicting the future of Cancer Surgery.
Pathfinder – Help prostate cancer research.

The tyranny of statistics
A simple gift

Smokers have worse outcomes
Not so wonderful pomegranate juice
Book Review – The Supplement Handbook

How men with prostate cancer can manage depression
Research about the role of spirituality in health
One man’s story of how a “God Box” helped him
An inspiring YouTube video, “A Day without Cancer”

Deakin University Researchers offer free health assessment
More sensitive imaging of prostate cancer – the PSMA PET Scan
The role of physical activity and exercise for cancer patients and cancer survivors