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Special Guest speaker for February 2018 meeting

Associate Professor Michael Hofman will be the guest speaker at our February 2018 meeting.

We are very fortunate to have someone like Michael coming to Prostate Heidelberg, as it’s rare that a prominent world expert addresses a support group.  Michael presented a paper on Lutetium 177 – LuPSMA Theranostics to 1500 clinical oncologists at the European Society of Clinical Oncologists in Milan last year.

The two main topics of interest are his involvement in the Lutetium 177 treatment trial, and his role as principal investigator of a randomised multi-centre trial of  of PSMA PET/CT scanning which are both of great interest to the prostate cancer community. There is an excellent Australian newspaper article on the Lutetium 177 treatment.

Further background on Michael can be found at the two web sites

Members of other prostate cancer support groups are very welcome, as is anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer or their parter or carer.

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We can help you
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To make better decisions about what treatment to have (you can talk to men who have had the different treatments that you may be considering);
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We are a peer support group ( a group of men and women who have been affected by prostate cancer) who provide information, education and support. We are affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Evidence shows that:
Peer support can reduce the psychological stress associated with prostate cancer diagnosis; and
Support groups can improve the quality of life and well being of people with prostate cancer and their carers.

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